Decline in Radio Audience, Due to MP3 Players

radio usage decline Decline in Radio Audience, Due to MP3 Players
Bridge Ratings recently did a study to see what effect MP3 players are having on radio listenership among 12 – 18 year olds. Not surprisingly people who owned players have tuned in less since they the purchase of their MP3 Player. They also mention in an earlier study that listeners are listening to a wider variety of music genres forcing radio stations to change their programming.

It will be interesting to see once music services like Yahoo! and Napster are more widespread there will be more of a loss in radio audience. Services like that are like creating your own customizable portable radio station and you are not forced to listen to the same top ten songs over and over day after day. Personally, I’m done with FM radio, I can’t take anymore fity-cent.

[Bridge Ratings]

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