Ministry of Sound's MP3 Player is Pathetic

ministry of sound mp3 player Ministry of Sound's MP3 Player is Pathetic

Well the states will not see the likes of this player stateside. Ministry of Sound is a brand in the UK, known mainly in Europe and to only the trance heads in the United States, which is dedicated to the electronic music club scene. I believe the brand started with a record label and has stretched out to radio, CDs, vinyl, gear, electronics and pretty much anything club related.

Ministry of sound is notorious for putting their name on cheap electronics and is no surprise to TrusedReviews who recently reviewed their latest MP3 photo viewing players. While they don’t go into great detail why it is a worthless player, but they do state that the button layout is horrible, it only supports MP3 and DRM WMA, and there is no FM tuner. Anyway, read it for a good laugh and I will leave you with this choice quote from the article.

“So, is there any reason to purchase this player… Yes actually, I can provide you with a few: You hate yourself, you hate your friends, you don’t want to have friends anymore, you want to clear a space around you during the London rush hour, you are scared of being robbed, you like to make people laugh…”

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Ted on November 16, 2005 5:09 AM

Just a note on durability and batteries. I purchased an MPIO digital wave fy2000 a couple of years ago, and love it mostly because it has a AAA battery, but also because I washed and dried it the other day by mistake (it was left in a sweatshirt pocket), and am happy to say that it works just fine, thank you.

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