Dual XDMP680 Car Audio PlaysForSure

dual xdmp680 Dual XDMP680 Car Audio PlaysForSure

Finally car audio manufacturers are starting to support other devices in the car other than the iPod. Dual will be releasing a head unit in Q2 of 2006 with a iPlay EAUSB20 media adapter that will interface with your PlaysForSure compatible devices. And we are not just talking audio input, the stereo will be able to control the tracks and read ID3 information. It will also allow you to listen to all of the music you purchased through online music stores including the unlimited services. The head unit will sell for $190 and the media adapter $100.

Now we can hope that other car audio manufacturers will follow suit. However, I would like to see a uniform standard for connection devices weather it is a PlaysForSure device or an iPod, let’s not be discriminate. Give the consumer option to choose whatever MP3 player they want and not having to worry about compatibility issues.

[Press Release via Engadget | USA Today]

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