Hyunwon Boxon DAP with VoIP

hyunwon boxon Hyunwon Boxon DAP with VoIP

Although already well known for their popular mobiBLU cubes, Hyunwon may soon become better known for the BOXON, a new VoIP-enabled mp3 player scheduled for release later this month. Featuring a 1.71-inch OLED display, the BOXON is equipped with an ebook reader, photo viewer, and English-Korean dictionary. Users can also share music, video clips, and photos, though exactly how is anyone’s guess.

Details on the VoIP capabilities are also MIA. All we know for sure is that connecting the player to a PC automatically launches some sort of VoIP software. Since there are only so many ways to enable an mp3 player to make a VoIP call, it will be no surprise if functionality is similar (if not identical) to last year’s Ezmax devices.


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