Merriam-Webster MWD-480 MP3 Player Dictionary

merriam webster mwd 480 Merriam Webster MWD 480 MP3 Player Dictionary

Merriam-Webster has a new twist on their latest dictionary. In addition to words, definitions, and phonetics, this dictionary can also contain beats, tunes, tracks and mixes. The device has no internal memory but it has an SD slot where you can add 2GB+ of MP3s via a built in USB connection. With the inclusion of a QWERTY keyboard I could imagine the “MP3 player” navigation could be quite good. The MWD-480 is available now for $80 on Franklin’s website, just in time for back to school shopping.

[Franklin via MobileWhack]


Taylor on August 10, 2006 4:30 PM

Funny thing because I was just talking to someone about how I wish someone would make an mp3 player or cell phone with a built-in dictionary. I can’t imagine that such a dictionary program would take up much memory, so at the very least it would be nice for other companies to offer downloadable dictionary programs for their products. Perhaps this is too far-fetched, but I would think it could be very useful tool.

dictionaryman on March 31, 2007 9:24 PM

I bought this product: Merriam-Webster Dictionary & MP3 PlayerWhevever i press any button it makes a “beep” sound. I cant get rid of this “beep” sound. I looked in the settings, but it doesnt give you the option of elimating the beeping sound. I cant use this dictionary if im in the library or anywhere if theres a beeping sound. If anyone knows how to elimate the “beep” sound, please tell me how.

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