Roadstar CD240MPR512 Head Unit with Removable MP3 Player

roadstarCD240MPR512 Roadstar CD240MPR512 Head Unit with Removable MP3 Player

Head units with built-in MP3 players and USB inputs have been around for a while, but this one by Roadstar steps it up with a removable 512MB digital audio player (MP3 and WMA) that features a voice recorder and direct encoding capabilities from the in-dash CD/radio. The head unit itself boasts a 4-channel, 4 x 40W FM/MW PLL tuner with RDS, 30 preset stations and 4 EQs, CD/-R/-RW compatibility, and ID3-tag support.

The mouthful-of-a-name CD240MPR512 is available now for about $240.

[Product Page via Tech Digest]

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Utew on October 19, 2006 1:49 AM

Finally… we get a useful faceplate… make this rechargable when docked to the head unit.. give it 4G memory and now we’re talking.. I expect to see more of these as time goes along….build a docking portable speaker set to go with it and you have an entire ecosystem, that IMHO would sell.

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