Creative TravelSound Zen V Speakers

travelsound zen v Creative TravelSound Zen V Speakers

Indicative of the global success of Creative’s Creative Zen V and V Plus flash players is the TravelSound Zen V speaker system/docking station announced yesterday in Japan (and don’t forget about the upcoming TravelDock Z500 either).

The TravelSound Zen V is designed exclusively for use with the V and V Plus, allowing simultaneous music playing and battery charging. Priced at an incredible $109, the speakers measure 9.3″ x 5.3″ x 2.2″ and are bundled with a wireless remote control, AC adapter, stereo audio cable, carrying pouch, quick start guide, and other paperwork. The unit itself weighs 1.7 pounds, is equipped with an antenna for the FM tuner built into the V Plus, and features surround sound, mute button, volume controls, and a mode button (for what, we have no idea: I studied Japanese for over 10 years, but I’m still very rusty).

The TravelSound Zen V should be available in Japan in early December, with preorders being accepted in late November.

[Press Release via epiZENter]


Utew on November 10, 2006 11:24 PM

This is a beauty…. better integration of the player into the unit itself..Wish this was the design for the ZVM also, as the Z500 has an after-the-fact un-finished look to it. Not that it matters anyway as neither of these speaker systems have shown up for sale on U.S. shores yet…. perhaps before I die…..

c.e.t 603 on July 14, 2007 9:40 AM

this is a wicked peice of electronic equipment it’s just like the best as well it’s gdgd if u ave the mp3 plyr 2 go wiv it… it’s lyke da bet!!!

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