Samsung YP-K3 Coming Soon?

samsung logo2 Samsung YP K3 Coming Soon?

Could Samsung already be working on a successor to its YP-K5 digital audio player? Folks on the rumor mill think so. According to a “reliable Korean source,” the guys at GenerationMP3 are reporting that the YP-K3 will be a speakerless, scaled-down version of the K5. Already given the ubiquitous “iPod Nano killer” title, the K3 will likely have the same features as its higher-numbered sibling and come equipped with at least 4GB of flash memory.

Only time will tell, of course, but we hope Samsung adds something new to the mix. Removing the one element that made the K5 unique and worth buying and then replacing it with nothing doesn’t sound like a good idea to us. In any case, stay tuned for more as it develops.



Utew on November 6, 2006 10:13 PM

K3? Two steps down from the K5? Makes sense I suppose.. missing two speakers.. down two numbers. =)I want a firmware upgrade to my K5.. looks like Samsung is at least listening…. by ABi member se97dgw in the forum…

rockin_amigo14 on November 6, 2006 10:32 PM

maybe its time for Samsung to enter the 8gb+ flash dap market?i sure hope so.

Utew on November 6, 2006 10:56 PM

I would agree with that.. IMO, Samsung has the Industrial Design Team to beat. The players they are releasing are simply gorgeous and the Menu/Interface is coming along nicely.I’d also like to see a new HD player from Samsung, it’s been quite a while now.. and they haven’t updated the YH-J70, which had great potential. Samsung needs to get over it’s proprietary .svi video container though.. and support H.264, XviD and DivX.My gut feeling is that Samsung will surpass Creative and end up in a three way with Apple and MS for mind and market share…

EnzoTen on November 7, 2006 1:28 AM

Samsung has been releasing some impressive stuff… i just picked up a T9 and i am very impressed even sans Bluetooth. Definitely a step above the Z5.

Utew on November 7, 2006 2:18 AM

Review time on the T9 then Enzo… would love to see your comments on that player……

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