Toshiba Gigabeat V in 60GB and New Colors

gigabeat 60GB vseries Toshiba Gigabeat V in 60GB and New Colors

As if you’re not already reeling from the 1GB whale-shaped MP3 player, Toshiba announced today that its Gigabeat V series has bulked up to 60GB. Available in black and white, the $508 V60E PMP features the same specs found on the 30GB U.S. model (MEV30K) except that the TV tuner is back on board and a video recording feature has been added.

Meanwhile, the MEV30T (Japanese version of MEV30K) is getting into the holiday spirit by dressing up as a candycane. Previously available in all black, the 30GB V30E PMP will soon hit the streets of Japan in red and white for about $422. Hmm. Must be a designer paint job or something, because none of the specs have changed.

The V30E and V60E will be ready for Japanese shoppers on November 22nd and December 8th, respectively.

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Utew on November 9, 2006 11:07 PM 60G , would make a whale of a whale player… to this Toshiba PMP… meh… battery life is nice, the rest is just average..

slaughterMYdaughter on November 10, 2006 12:19 AM

Jezus,for 400$ i could get me a av500 100gb at ebay,it might be oudated,but it still gets the job done.

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