iLuv iss314 Speaker System for Samsung YP-T9

iluv iss314 iLuv iss314 Speaker System for Samsung YP T9

The Samsung T9 and T9B DAPs sure are getting a lot of love these days. It was only last week that the players got the iLuv iss277 alarm dock to nestle in, and today they were introduced to the upcoming iLuv iss314 speaker dock.

The globular 33-watt iss314 features a subwoofer, sub output, 3D sound, and auxiliary input. A remote control may be included with the speakers, but if it’s not, the T9(B) can be controlled using the playback buttons that form the bottom of the circular dock. An odd-looking system, for sure, and one that will cost about $150 whenever it’s released (most likely in South Korea).


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MarkB on August 24, 2009 7:45 AM

When is this iss314 going to be available? i cant find it anywhere on the web.. and its now 2009…

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