Samsung i70 Identity Crisis: PMP or Digital Camera?

samsung i70 Samsung i70 Identity Crisis: PMP or Digital Camera?

CES 2007 hasn’t even officially begun yet and already we’re being bombarded by a slew of new gadgets. In addition to unveiling the YP-K3, Samsung announced today its new 7.2-megapixel i70 digital camera that doubles as a portable media player.

Sure you can use the 3-inch LCD to review the photos you just snapped using the 3x optical zoom lens, but wouldn’t you rather watch videos or read text files on it instead? Information on supported file and memory card types, as well as everyone’s favorite pricing and availability, are currently unknown but we do know that the i70 can play MP3s and record MPEG-4 videos at 15 fps up to resolution of 720 x 480. Not bad at all.

[LetsGoDigital via Engadget]


effyman on January 7, 2007 10:37 PM

All they need to do now is add a phone, video camera, game console, internet access, and crackberry to it and they’ll have a real hit.Hehehehe

chan1628 on September 20, 2007 8:37 PM

bought the camera recently… got it for $300 + taxes (Cdn)At first, I experienced minor power glitches and hiccups reading my SD card… somehow it went away and it’s been fine ever since… takes great pictures, quality is very respectable… honestly don’t have much use for the PMP and MP3 player… a bit on the heavy side compare to the Nikon S50 … overall, a pretty good product

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