Minigigi C2000: Another Rebranded Teclast T29

minigigi c2000 Minigigi C2000: Another Rebranded Teclast T29

If the minigigi C1000 from the other day left you feeling less than satisified yet still hungry for more, here’s something “new” to sink your teeth into. The minigigi C2000. Not only is it the video-playing older brother of the C1000, but it’s also the second clone of the Teclast T29 (the first being the mobiBLU D5).

Unlike the “originals,” the C2000 maxes out at 2GB. It’s supposedly only $95 (which makes the $170 pricing of the C1000 rather suspect), so the player is actually not too shabby. Video playback (25 fps), FM radio, 7 EQs, games, photo/text viewer, and voice recorder for under $100? Not too shabby at all.


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oregon on March 2, 2007 6:47 PM

It looks alot like a sansa…. hopefully it’s better.

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