MPMan Blade, not a RAZR, not a MobiBLU US2

mpman blade MPMan Blade, not a RAZR, not a MobiBLU US2

It was only a matter of time that the form factor of yesteryear’s stylish slim phone, the Motorola RAZR, found its way into a DAP design. Eiger Labs/MPMan, manufacturers of the world’s first solid state MP3 player in 1998, were not lazy copying the overused metal touch field and overall form factor of the RAZR, as seen in dozens of other devices already.

The player comes with a capacity of 1 or 2GB and a 1.5″ color display capable of viewing images and playing videos. It’s weight is a mere 30 grams, and it’s only 7 mm thick. Let’s not think about the impact on battery life such measurements imply. A nice feature of the Blade is the dual headphone outputs. It’s like sharing music without violating any law! Who would have thought of the possibility?

The MPMan Blade is a rebranded MobiBLU US2, obviously – it is not clear if the specs show any difference between both players.

[Via MP3Newswire | MobiBLU US2]


bechir on March 15, 2008 12:11 PM

comment je peut charge le RAZR-inspired MPMan does video & music je trouve pas leur port usbaide moi svpmerci

steven on December 24, 2008 6:48 PM

i love my 2gb blade but havent been able to use it for some time as my cat chewed the usb cable and it was no longer useable. mpman said they’d give me another one for free and that was over a year ago

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