TurboLinux Wizpy Goes Worldwide

turbolinux wizpy TurboLinux Wizpy Goes Worldwide

The time has arrived for those of you who heard the news of the TurboLinux Wizpy player last November, but were disappointed to learn that only a Japanese version would be released. The Wizpy will go on sale worldwide this June. As well as giving you the ability to carry a complete Linux operating system in your pocket, the Wizpy doubles as a DAP that supports the ordinary range of formats.

The player provides the option of loading Linux on any PC once it is connected to a USB port; preferences can be saved within the Wizpy so that the same setup can be loaded on additional PCs. English versions are set to be released in the U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia, India, and Singapore and non-English versions are also on the way. The player will only come with 4GB of flash memory and sell for $278.

[Product Page via IDG News Service] thanks Charles

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