Ministry of Sound MOSMP085 MP3 Player

ministry of sound MOSMP085 Ministry of Sound MOSMP085 MP3 Player

Persistence from Ministry of Sound will be seen shortly as their latest endorsed player from ALBA electronics, labelled the MOSMP085, will commence sale later this month.
In the past not a great deal of commendation has been handed to Ministry of Sound players. The MOSMP085 is not going to blow away all past reputation, but at least the typical features of a digital audio player appear to be accounted for this time.

If the 2-inch TFT display is enough to distract you from the rather bland design, a voice recorder and internal speaker are also included. Format support is certainly nothing to rave about (audio scrapes in with MP3, WMA DRM, and WAV), however six preset equalizer settings and a lyric display function will contribute to the decorative aspect.

As you may expect, there are 5 preloaded Ministry of Sound tracks, plus two free music downloads. Rest assured, this model does have inbuilt memory: 1GB for $90 and 2GB for $100.

[Product Page via Tech Digest]

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Alex M on July 20, 2007 8:51 PM

Should give the Zen V Plus a run for its money because of the extra .5″ of screen space and speaker but idk there’s something about this that doesnt pull me in..

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