Sansa Express in Hot Pink

sansa sandisk express pink Sansa Express in Hot Pink

There are many digital audio players which comprise the low-capacity market, but when considering the amount of features offered for the price the SanDisk Sansa Express is one sure to stand out from the rest.

The 1GB version includes a 1.1-inch 4-line OLED display, FM tuner, recording capabilities, custom equaliser, direct USB connection, microSD expansion slot, and 1GB capacity all for $60. If this has not been enough to draw your attention, the new color change just might. A striking variation to the standard black, a hot pink version is now available from Best Buy.

[Best Buy via Ubergizmo]

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Mike on July 7, 2007 1:00 PM

Looking forward to a Creative Stone Plus vs. Sansa Express review. Are you guys gonna do this?

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