“Because You Really Only Have Two Choices”

wyotk “Because You Really Only Have Two Choices”

I ran into this podcast today called “What You Ought To Know” that features an video short of a particular topic. In the latest episode on MP3 player abi>> gets a really nice nod. What You Ought To Know Guy (sorry I didn’t get your name) says, “So if you want to get your hands on your own MP3 player we recommend searching two sites… ‘cause you really only have two choices: apple.com/ipod or anythingbutipod.com. That pretty much covers all the bases.”

Watching a few of the other episodes I do detect a little iPod/Mac bias, but you can’t ignore the fact that it is a great podcast- informative and witty. One complaint though guys. I went to add your podcast feed to my Zune but it is not compatible. Could you maybe make a feed for the “everything else” crowd? No, you don’t necessarily have to cross over and go WMV (although that would be great and cover more of the “everything else”), but how about doing three qualities of QuickTime like Diggnation does? The 320×180 m4v would be drag and drop compatible with Sony Walkman/PSP and Zune Players. So what do you say? Can the 20% of us get your quick witted tidbits of knowledge?

[What You Ought To Know on MP3 Players]

Update: Zune compatibility added [1-click].


Jack4L on April 4, 2008 4:53 PM

I never really understood video podcasts… Unless they were about sporting events or somthing that you might actualy want to see. Seeing people talk, just doesn’t really do it for me.You know you can put almost any electric device into a washer and have it come out pretty functional – if you let it dry for a week.My Sony Ericson K550 has gone into the washer once already, went with my iAudio U3. Also done this to my old siemens phones, just for fun because they are worthless peices of outdated electronics. Never lost one to the washer yet. Doesn’t really clean them well either.Just gotta make sure you dont try to power a wet device. Meaning let it dry for a week, even after towel drying it. That gives you the best chance of not shorting your device and destroying it.

kahrytan on April 4, 2008 7:52 PM

That would make a great commercial. If you shorten it to a 30 second clip and bam, anythingbutipod.com has the perfect commercial.I found the video absolutely hilarious. And I to, washed my 1st gen ipod shuffle. It worked, sorta. Sometimes it would, sometimes it wouldn’t. It kind of had a mind of it’s own like the one in the video…

Zoodar on April 5, 2008 11:39 AM

‘Cause iPod ALWAYS have to be one of the alternatives… *sigh*I however couldn’t watch it, since i don’t have Quicktime.

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