Samsung S5 Gets FLAC, Next in P2 Bluewave 4?

s5 flac Samsung S5 Gets FLAC, Next in P2 Bluewave 4?

Samsung now has version 1.5 available to download on their Korean site as GenMP3 reports. What is special about this update is the addition of FLAC, which is a rather rarely supported lossless codec these days. In assuming the codebase is the same through the recent Samsung product line, it’s a safe bet that we will see this in the next Bluewave updates on the P2 and possibly even the T10.

On a side note, few days ago SanDisk added OGG to the Clip and I would soon expect to see FLAC added in the near future. So could this be a response from the manufactures due to a demand push from consumers? It’s nice to see more of them jumping on board the open source codecs.

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shlong on July 26, 2008 8:32 AM

the best lossless format on earth gets support by Samsung. Great news!

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