Samsung U4 Shows up on the Samsung Korea Site

samsung u4 Samsung U4 Shows up on the Samsung Korea Site

A couple of months ago I did a review of the Samsung U3. Rumors of it’s successor has been going around the net for a while now but we now got the first official sign that the player is coming.

That being said, we really don’t know anything. A picture of the player has appeared on Samsung’s Korean site – – but there is still no specs or details. When I first saw the picture I must admit I thought it was another universal remote from Logitech as the design is slightly peculiar. From the looks of it the awful touch buttons that I hated with the U3 are still there though in a new form and the screen seems too small, possible meaning the player is a bit bigger than the U3. We’ll see what kinds of specs this thing has when it’s all “officially official”, but too be honest I’m not too excited about this one.



ClieOS on July 5, 2008 10:48 AM

It should be, not

matt on July 5, 2008 11:57 AM

it looks kinda wierd. i mean long

Utew on July 5, 2008 11:13 PM


abi=wasteofinternetspace on July 6, 2008 3:49 PM

iPods rule!This thing looks awful.

Piper – the Peter on July 6, 2008 10:36 PM

Although we most likely not see the above poster again, I have to say, that I feel sorry for you.Only a dumbass sheep would post something like that, and only a babbling idjit who doesn’t care about audio quality, not to mention Disk Mode (USB Mass Storage) would buy an iPod.Oh, and only an ignorant fool would let themselves get tied into a huge corporation like Apple willingly.Now, please piss off.(pardon my french, but it had to be said).

sigsegv0x0b on July 7, 2008 10:01 AM

While I understand he was trying to flame. He is essentially correct. iPod do have great sound quality i.e. better then most samsung daps but never let instrumented testing get in the way of good hating. And Apple is big evil corporation? Compared to whom? Samsung? You’re a silly silly man. Apple is a droplet in the ocean comparing to Samsung. So decide which evil corporate overlord to root for.The SUPER HUGE KOREAN MEGACORP Samsung. Or the MUCH MUCH smaller american company Apple.Choose your master you silly person.

Piper – the Peter on July 7, 2008 10:40 PM

Sigseg,Samsung as a corporation may be bigger (seen as the whole conglomerate), but their consumer business when it comes to daps and so on, are far less corporate, with far less tie-downs.Besides, you seem to have missed the part, where he states that ABI is a waste of internet space. Meaning that ONLY iPods are useful (when in reality they seem to be less useful than the competitors). And you agree with this?I don’t root for _any_ “overlords”. The mere notion of such stupidity makes me laugh. Fanboys …The thing is, that even though Samsung is huge – they even make cars, afaik, they’re still not shoving it up their customers arse.Now, if you recall (if not, read it again), I am not saying that Samsung is all good, I’m just saying that only a sheep would go “iPod Rules! Everything else sucks” and so on. It’s scary you think he’s right. It goes t show where you come from, and who’s really the “silly” person around here?I think you should do your research – including using proper headphones – on that ipod, before you state that iPods have “great sound quality i.e. better than most samsung daps”. Ipods have crap audio quality in general. Especially their Touch and the glorified iPod (the iPhone).Again, I ask you, how’s that Disk Mode going on that Touch and iPhone from your favourite company?

sky on July 9, 2008 1:05 PM it is not much shown about spec. A wepsite says u4 would be including usb port and 2Gb/4Gb internal memory and 3color(black/red/purple) coming out this or next month.(no price tag;)It looks like remote controller in shiny.It’ll be new commer mp3player from yepp series.

Icarus on August 28, 2008 10:02 AM

Dear all,the U4 has already been on sale in Hong Kong for several months now, at least i’ve already seen it on the shelves. is it possible for Anything but iPod to let me write a review for the player? who may i contact for this job? please email me if you and have details on how to help?email is

WZ on October 7, 2008 11:21 PM

The U1 was a nice device to complete with the original Apple Shuffle.The U2 was a good improvement of the U1, but the side earphone jack was a real pain.The U3 relocated the earphone jack where it was in the first place, looks totally cool, but not too keen with the non-tactile buttons.Just don’t know what the frick the U4 is trying to be.My U2 still works fine.

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