iriver Mplayer Eyes – Weirdest MP3 Player Ever?

mplayer eyes iriver Mplayer Eyes – Weirdest MP3 Player Ever?

I’ve tried to ignore this player when it was announced a couple of weeks ago, but the sheer weirdness of the player itself and some accessories revealed today certainly calls for a quick mention. If you remember the first gen Mplayer it was already somewhat of a peculiar MP3 player where the Mickey Mouse design was the focus. The player now got an update called the Mplayer Eyes which have LEDs that light up in various facial expressions. Pretty much any smiley you can make with text symbols the Eyes seem to be able to replicate.

If that wasn’t weird enough for you, a Korean company has now released a dock for the device that is shaped like Mickey’s body. This combo is by far the weirdest MP3 player I’ve seen and that says something. While the specs aren’t too great for the Eyes with 1 or 2GB memory and 10 hours of battery, the novelty value is certainly through the roof. Hit the jump for a few more pics

[GenerationMP3 Mplayer Eyes|Mplayer Dock]

mplayer dock thumb 130x82 iriver Mplayer Eyes – Weirdest MP3 Player Ever?iriver mplayer eyes2 thumb 130x91 iriver Mplayer Eyes – Weirdest MP3 Player Ever?mplayer eyes exprresions thumb 130x60 iriver Mplayer Eyes – Weirdest MP3 Player Ever?


Relyt on September 30, 2008 5:37 PM

To Disney fans this must be the most pimpin’ MP3 player to date!I love iriver.

Sunboom on October 1, 2008 3:17 PM

What the crap. I think iriver could better be putting effort in other projects…

Puta on November 10, 2008 6:23 PM

pinche crack head coreanos

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