Expensive Sony Cables

sony cable 70 Expensive Sony Cables

Remember Andreas posted a few weeks ago on the $105 Sony cable? Since the cable was being sold in Norway, some people said, “it’s just because of the exchange rate” or “it’s because things are more expensive there”. Well here is more proof from the US that Sony has little regard for fair pricing and your hard earned dollar.

Today at Circuit City I saw this same cable on sale for $69.99 right next to the Sony Walkman E430 containing the same exact cable for $89.99. To me this pricing is predatory, hoping to cash in on unsuspecting customers. I do have a very good opinion of Sony’s latest line up of MP3 players, but I tend to shy away from Sony products because of their tactics to lock you into their own technologies and overpriced ancillary products- Memory Stick, ATRAC, SonicStage, and in this case a Sony Cable™.

In the end, you can easily buy a third party cable on eBay for a few bucks, but not everyone knows that or can wait a few days to have it shipped. So when you are considering a new MP3 player, please keep this in mind.

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