News Roundup Week 48

newsroundup News Roundup Week 48

Every week there is a number of news articles concerning DAPs that don’t make it to our front page simply because they are too insignificant for their own article. It can be a delay in release dates, small firmware update etc. To try and get this out to the people as well, here’s a news summary of week 48 2008.

GenerationMP3 is reporting that the long awaited S9 will be delayed until early 2009 do to production issues in Korea. Our forums have been buzzing with people wondering when the S9 will finally be out and it seems they have to wait a bit longer still.

The Samsung P3 has showed up at the FCC according to Engadget. This is just a further update on the P3 story as GenerationMP3 already has one and did a first look not too long ago.

iriver is doing their usual weird strategic choices in the DAP industry and have released a new version of the E100. This isn’t the E150/E200 that Grahm wrote about in April as according to Akihabara News the only new thing about this model (named E100 Season 2) is new colors. If you recall our E100 review it isn’t exactly the best player on the market and i fail to see how a few new colors will change that.

Thanksgiving is on for our American readers and in the wake of that comes black Friday. This also means a lot of deals on MP3 players and related accessories, so join our forums and share the deals to help make sure the players will find a new home.


kimmy on November 28, 2008 7:32 AM

im actually heading to korea in early january, i hope i can get it while im staying there..but this is a little dissapointing..

TheDarkSide on November 28, 2008 9:00 AM

lovin’ it now that we have you as a writer, and too bad about the S9. damn, I’ll never get 1 at this rate.

Kev Tea on January 5, 2009 4:55 PM

Didn’t have any luck blackfriday.. Stuff was gone rapidly.

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