iriver Leaks T5 and T6

iriver t6 t5 iriver Leaks T5 and T6

iriver is at it again with more players that wouldn’t make a motion sensor react. This time it’s two bargain players with tech specs so uninteresting I fell asleep three times while writing this post.

The T5 has a built in USB plug, is stick shaped and plays back MP3, WMA and Vorbis for 13 hours before needing a recharge. It will be available in 2 and 4GB and hopefully not be as big a catastrophe as its predecessor. The T6 is basically just a physically bigger player with the same format support as the T5, an FM radio and 28 hours of battery life. The T6 will also only be available in a 4GB version

[iriverfans via DAPreview]


duong92 on December 12, 2008 12:19 AM

T6 looks like t10 of Samsung >”

Tiger on December 18, 2008 12:17 AM

They seem to have many thinks similar to samsung. I love iriver but what to say? If it can sound as good as T7, i may buy it for a spare player for gym. 28 playback time seem improve a lot from the previous model. These new players don’t seem to be expensive. Both of them are under $50 at

Ellie on January 1, 2009 10:46 AM

Samsung and iRiver are from korea. They share some tech ideas.

steve on December 3, 2009 4:11 AM

The T6 is a waste of time, cant see the screen in the sun at all. Its file system sucks, every time you go back you have to start and the very begining of the menu options. You have to have it on lock all the time because of the touch screen and every time you have to unlock it it turns off because its the same sliding button where up is off and down is lock. Over all a waste of time, bring bac the E10, simple but effective

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