Featured Podcast: The Sci Fi Guys

scifiguys Featured Podcast: The Sci Fi Guys

The Scif Fi Guys is a British podcast which covers everything that has to do with Science Fiction and cult TV and movies. Host Stuart Claw and co-host Matt Dillion talks for a couple of hours each week about the latest happenings within those fields and each week there’s also an interview with an actor from a popular series. Examples this year are Jack Coleman from Heroes ( plays Noah Bennet) and Colin Ferguson from Eureka (plays Sheriff Carter). The podcast operates with seasons just as TV shows do, and have just recently begun season 3.

This was one of the first podcast I ever started listening to, back when the number of podcasts I subscribed to could be counted on one hand. It remains one of my favorites and now that season 3 is starting it was an easy choice for featured podcast. The podcast is really a must for any Sci Fi or general TV fan out there. Great discussions and great interviews.

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