HifiMAN HM-801 Sports a Modular Amp Bay for $600

hifiman hm 801 HifiMAN HM 801 Sports a Modular Amp Bay for $600

There are a small but enthusiastic subset of users that try to push out every bit of sound performance though expensive headphones and amps. A good example is this recent post showing off one of Martin’s rigs. Headphone amps add warmth and character to your music and they provide enough power to heavier high end headphones. But as you can see the amps detract from overall portability.

The HifiMAN HM-801 aims to solve this issue with the first audiophile player with a modular headphone amp bay sporting a renowned Burr-Brown DAC. Battery life is far off from today’s standards at between 6-8 hours, but this is reasonable for a player with a beefy amp. The unit is still in the planning and production stages but we are in contact with the maker and will have a detailed review upon its release.

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yadda on May 15, 2009 7:59 AM

$700?I guess they’re aiming for several hundred sales in a single year!

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