Reader Rigs: Phangtonpower’s Sansa Fuze + Ray Samuels Hornet

phangtonpower rig main Reader Rigs: Phangtonpower’s Sansa Fuze + Ray Samuels Hornet

Forum member Ralph aka Phangtonpower has tapped into the great sound quality of the Sansa Fuze with a Ray Samuels Hornet headphone amp. Ralph also uses this setup to practice his bass paired with a set of Audio-Technica M50′s. Read on for some photos and comments by Ralph on his setup.

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Phangtonpower Writes:

After my Sansa E280’s started dying, I needed a new DAP. I chose the Sansa Fuze since I was already used to the E280’s interface. It may not be the nicest interface on the market, but it is easy to use. It’s also one of the cheapest Dap’s with expandable memory, up to 8000 songs using the new firmware and the soon to be released 32GB micro SDHC cards. But the biggest selling point for me was that it sounds good out of the box, which is fine with me since I hate messing with any EQ settings.

I chose the Audio Technica M50’s first as I was looking for headphones to use with my Korg bass headphone amplifier. I read many reviews and seemed to be the best headphones at my price range at the time. I needed something closed as not to bother anyone when I practiced my bass. Nice sound stage and bass for cans that only cost about $110. These cans are easy to drive, but with recommendation from headroom, a headphone amplifier would make them sound even better. Since I always wanted one, and finally had a job in which I could afford one, and ordered my RSA Hornet M.

Like everything else I researched amps for a while on headfi and other sites and always wanted an RSA amp. I chose the Hornet as it was the smallest amp that RSA had with user replaceable batteries. The amp widens the sound stage and controls the bass making it sound lush to my ears. Although I used a mini to mini interconnect for a while, Ray recommends using an LOD with his amps and finally CLIE OS posted a tutorial making one. A lot less bulky than the interconnect I previously owned.

With my set up complete for my bass headphone amplifier, I really enjoyed how it sounded, but I wanted to make it more portable when I wasn’t using it with my bass headphone amp, so then I was in search for good IEM’s. Always wanted to try a pair of Ultimate Ears reading different reviews, but didn’t want to spend the money on customs, so the Triple Fi 10’s were the next step down. These are great headphones. They are not as punchy as my M50’s, but the bass is there and extends even lower. The highs are a little bright, but I’ve gotten used to them and actually enjoy how they sound. They are little uncomfortable at first, but that I got used as well.

phangtonpower rig 01 thumb 480x640 Reader Rigs: Phangtonpower’s Sansa Fuze + Ray Samuels Hornetphangtonpower rig 02 thumb 150x112 Reader Rigs: Phangtonpower’s Sansa Fuze + Ray Samuels Hornetphangtonpower rig 03 thumb 150x112 Reader Rigs: Phangtonpower’s Sansa Fuze + Ray Samuels Hornetphangtonpower rig 04 thumb 150x112 Reader Rigs: Phangtonpower’s Sansa Fuze + Ray Samuels Hornet

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MarvintheMartian on May 19, 2009 5:00 AM

That’s a great looking setup. Of course, the UE’s alone cost more than all my gear, but I’m currently quite happy with my setup(almost complete).One question I have is with the line-out enabled, how is the battery life affected? I’d love to try one out, even taking into account how good the HO sounds on the Fuze/Clip.It would be great if they could be produced by someone for the not-so-mechanically inclined. I’m sure there would be a fair amount of interested parties, but I understand there’d be a lot of factors to consider.

Norm on May 19, 2009 11:18 AM

Great stuff. I love seeing how people get the most out of these cheap players.What kind of BASS is that?Looks cool small great for practicing.

Phangtonpower on May 19, 2009 8:45 PM

Thanks you guys:)Marvin, the LOD seems to shorten the battery life a little, but I’m always next to a computer to recharge it at anytime. The Fuze still outlasts the Hornet, which is rated at I think at 18 hours.Norm, the bass is full sized headless Steinberg copy made by a Japanese company. Good size for traveling:)

Phangtonpower on May 20, 2009 8:16 AM

Run..thanks??Marvin I actually didn’t make the LOD, I got it off someone who needed help to pay for the parts:)

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