Creative Zii EGG Surfaces on the FCC’s Site

creative zii egg main Creative Zii EGG Surfaces on the FCC’s Site

Creative has been quiet since the release of the less than well received Zen X-Fi. At CES 2009 Creative only showed signs of a new player in the form of a bunch of reference demos of their upcoming Zii chip. Here is a good overview of the Zii at CES 2009 if you missed it. This chip promises HD video playback at minimum power usage.

The Zii EGG (model NSC-FL02) looks like it will be the first player to use the Zii chip. Pulling the info from the FCC’s site and digging though the documents what we do know about this player so far is that it will have an “HD camera” (Thought we don’t know if this is 720 or 1080- likely the former), Bluetooth, touch screen, and Wi-Fi (802.11 B/g). Only speculating based on the FCC diagram, it looks like it could also have an SD card slot.

A few years ago Creative tried to pull something like this off after the launch of the Zen Vision:M but could not technically pull it off- technologies were just not mature enough. With the Zii coming to fruition it looks like they will be able to do some pretty cool things with the Zii EGG. Based on product cycles and a few surveys I have received from Creative recently I would guess that this device is right around the corner shipping before the holiday shopping season around the same time as the Zune HD.

[FCC via Engadget]


Joseph on July 7, 2009 11:14 PM

I was just speculating somewhere the other day about my dream DAP. It used the Zii chip and its specs are rather close to what is suggested for the EGG. I read through the FCC documents and in the test document, HDMI appears to be tested on pages 8-12, so I think it has TV out too! (A video of Creative’s demo of the Zii chip showed it connected to a monitor via HDMI, so I’m fairly certain I read the FCC doc correctly). That was another of my dream specs. Zii wa also demoed running Android, and an open source Linux OS capable of running apps was another feature on my wishlist. If the EGG has a speaker and also a microphone (for allowing speech recognition control while using in a car) it’ll be perfect.

Steve on July 9, 2009 10:41 PM

At least Creative is still trying, I’m a huge creative fan, I own a Zen Vision W and a Zen X-Fi, both sound great. (which is what I bought them for) the ‘W’ is an awesome product, well made, easy to use. The X-Fi is also well made, but those silly little buttons are SOOOO annoying. I guess I’m kind of old school, but it seems the days of the simple music/video player with a ton of space and a big screen are over. I’m looking to upgrade the ‘W’ mostly because the battery is starting to konk out (it’s external, but no one sells a replacement… Creative soooo sucks at long term product support, I mean why make a rock solid device likely capable of 5 years or more of service, give it an easily replaceable battery and then don’t make replacement batteries for it????) Maybe I’ll try a Cowon Q5W…

Andre on July 10, 2009 6:39 PM

I jumped ship from Creative a year ago when I bought myself a Itouch. Back when the comparisons were between the zen vision m and the ipod classic, sure creative and every other company on the planet had the advantage.The Ipod classic is a terrible product. Other companies provide absolutely superior products for half the price: Codec support, battery life, and a whole lot of extras…The Itouch is a different story, however. It has a fantastic touch interface. The competition has managed to make similar products, but I can definitely say, they’re inferior. Codec support is still poor. I had to convert all my wma’s to mp3′s, but I don’t regret it. Video support is also poor, but once converted, the screen is fabulous. Here are a few things which make the Itouch my eternal, favorite player.*Youtube – favorites, ratings, comments…*weather* Email – full-featured.* Calendar* Contacts* Maps* Voice Memos – Microphone* Calculator* Games- Thousands* Safari* Notes* App Store Applications Favorites:-scientific/calculus calculator-ebook readers-downloaders-Slacker-Iheartradio-Facebook-Google earth-PDF readers-Skype-Aim-Fring-Msn-SIP caller (used to make phone calls via wifi using paid services.. I use broadvoice, 20 monthly for international calls)*Jailbroken Applications:-Movies-ipod movies-tytube – download movies directly to the itouch and watch them-backgrounder – run multiple apps at the same time-file2mail – send files to an email account from the itouch-vlc4iphone- which transfers the pc vlc application to the itouch making it virtually compatible with every media file out thereThere is NO other player in the market which can compete the Itouch. And this is not coming from an unreasonable fan, but from a satisfied buyer. If creative manages to come out with something better than this, I’ll definitely be there when my Itouch finally gives in.

copeys on July 12, 2009 9:35 AM

Come on creative… you really need to pick yourselves up! I am hoping for Creative’s sake that they are able to pull this off. I would like to see how well a device with a Zii would go… ;) . But if that’s going to be the main “drawcard” this might not be the greatest :( . Especially with tegra round the corner for the zuneHD.I am really excited for all the coming devices!! :) .Also to the post above mine, please… mate, grow up.Also, sorry if this ends up double posting, it had some error :(

loui on July 12, 2009 11:46 AM

I agree with the poster who cited some of the itouch’s capabilities. I no longer would buy an mp3 player which did less than the itouch now does. Sure, sound quality is not the best thing out there. When compared to other players, the Itouch sound quality is very poor. However, it is so much more than just an mp3 player that I’d find it hard to choose another player. The Itouch is in its own category as a mini pc. When you can download, unzip and watch a torrent file in your mp3 player, then you know the competition needs to go a long way.I hope Creative can pull this one off. And I hope this can truly be a successor for the Vision M which truly set new standards, but I have my doubts.

thedarkside on July 13, 2009 6:25 AM

If that’s an sd card slot and it’s fully integrated into the library, and they have the GREAT SQ back (ala’ the ZV:M), I’m getting this instead of the Zune HD. You figure out why,……………

MovieMiguel on July 15, 2009 12:08 AM

From Twitter:@CreativeLabs zii egg b4 xmas?@MovieMiguel The only information we can give out for the zii is found on this website: Keep following us for upcoming info!undenial denial?

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