Featured Podcast: Zune Insider

zuneinsider podcast Featured Podcast: Zune Insider

This week on Zune Insider Jessica and Matt had Dave McLauchlan on as a guest. Dave does business development for Zune- basically working out deals with accessory, connectivity, and other partners for not just the device but the entire Zune ecosystem. One of the more interesting stories to me is that he works with car companies and aftermarket head unit manufactures to bring Zune connectivity where the iPod has historically been the only compatible player in the automotive space.

Though, some of you may know Dave from our forums kicking off one of the longest running debate threads starting back in 2006: MTP vs MSC. He now hangs out in the Zune HD forum and does his best to answer what he can pre-launch.

If you are at all interested in what the Zune has in store for us this fall you will definitely want to tune into the Zune Insider podcast each week. Co-hosts Jessica and Matt discuss the latest Zune happenings and give you a peek at what goes on around their headquarters with frequent interviews of Zune team members. Interviews are not limited to co-workers; since Matt represents hip-hop at Zune he had a chance to hip-hop star Wale back in episode #22. A few episodes later Matt gets a bit ballsy and calls out 50 Cent for a freestyle battle- Fitty has yet to respond.

Jessica on the other hand is well connected to the electronic music scene and still parties like she is 16. In addition to interviewing electronic artists and DJs she many times keeps listeners informed about northwest festivals, parties, and clubs she attends. So if you are an electronic music fan, be sure to tune in.

Though don’t be put off if you are not into either of those genres because music of all types are discussed and shared. One part of the podcast I find to be very interesting is the “Trading Zune’s” segment where they will swap Zunes with someone else in the office to discover new music. It’s a unique mix of old school trading of CDs and modern day P2P. Not only do you get to see their collection, but you get a chance to see how the other person organizes their media and playlists. Even if you don’t have a Zune I would encourage others to try this with a friend and your respective brand- it’s a very cool way to discover new music.

Jessica, Matt, and Dave can be found on twitter and often get feedback from listeners for show material, so I would encourage you to follow them and give them some shouts. To subscribe to the show you can do so through the Zune software or if you are using other podcasting software here is the RSS. Additionally you can listen to it online though your web browser.


Kevin on July 28, 2009 7:12 PM

Where is the Zune Phone? How can it take this long to launch? It sometimes seems that Microsoft does its best to alienate everyone who exhibits even the slightest shred of loyalty to them. I like Zune software (when it’s not slowly loading) and have deferred upgrading my cell phone for over a year waiting for the Zune phone. What am I chopped liver to them?

gary on July 29, 2009 4:32 PM

Did MS even confirm the rumor of a Zune Phone? Is this not all rumor abut the Zune phone? Why so pissed at a rumor? Buy a Iphone instead. Sheese

Yoorah on August 2, 2009 3:25 AM

I thought MS confirmed that there will be no Zune phone. :P

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