SAFA Goes Low-Rez with the ‘TTing’ Player

safa tting SAFA Goes Low Rez with the ‘TTing’ Player

South Korean DAP maker SAFA just announced the release of its latest player, the TTing, which features a unique dot-matrix display comprised of 27 LEDs. Why two ‘T’s in the name you ask? Because that’s how SAFA rolls.

The 40x40x12mm player features 4 touch sensitive buttons around the face, 4 tactile buttons on the sides and a “G-sensor mode for interactive operation”—whatever that means. It also has a 12 hour battery life, and a speaker on the rear.

safa tting2 thumb 130x86 SAFA Goes Low Rez with the ‘TTing’ Player

The 27 pixel LED display probably won’t show you album art, but it can be programmed to display several icons and can also be used to play games such as “dice” and the age old game of “paper, stone, and scissors”. So, bonus.

safa tting1 thumb 130x86 SAFA Goes Low Rez with the ‘TTing’ Player

So where can you get it and for how much? We have no idea, SAFA failed to mention that. But we’ll venture to guess it’ll be released somewhere in South Korea, and judging by that FCC badge on the back, it may make a US appearance as well.

[SAFA, via PlayerBites]


ashiiya on December 24, 2009 12:02 AM

I understand that it may not be appealing for some, but it sure is appealing to me.The very minimalistic design seems somewhat…..very cute. And I kind of like screen. Nothing too fancy, just something to play some music. The speakers are a nice addition. This would be a nice “emergency player”.Now depending on the pricing, I’d get this….if it was cheap enough, DEFINITELY.

sammy on December 24, 2009 12:51 AM

It looks pretty cool, but if I ever got one, it would be as a backup.

gm on January 5, 2010 7:52 PM

by any miracle, if anyone remembers seeing a triangle shaped mp3 player with analog dials… please send me a link to google-fu is weak and i, too, like small simple…anything but ipod!thanks

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