iriver Story’s Built in MP3 Player Demoed on Video

Iriver didn’t have much show off at CES other than their new e-Book reader dubbed the iriver Story. The hardware is awesome but not much too unlike the Amazon Kindle. Here is a video I shot of the Story in action playing back some MP3 tunes.

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Boun natalie on May 9, 2010 7:35 AM

The software is Crap.Problems to consider:1. The Zoom with the four steps, should be possible to customize in settings, so I would be able to have it on medium/sec.medium/high as my own customized standard.We are working on this issue.2. Zoom in both versions does not work in landscape mode. Why?We are working on this issue to upgrade the firmware in order for this function to work.Right now we are working on:-reaction speed of the buttons-freeze problem-Djvu viewer function to be added-more functions to be added in the future*Since we are currently working on a Touch Screen Wifi version of the iRiver Story, it may take some time to develop different areas of the Story.3. The corner Zoom has to be easier in functionality, (sorry but to 80es software engineer loves his idea)We are currently working on this issue for easier functionality.4. When I have a book on my SD card and read in it, the Story does not save my Reflow and Zoom settings, this means that i every time I read a book from my SD card have to inter the settings once more. (sorry but that’s really crappy)If you insert the SD card, book folder is created. If you want to keep the settings of the books you are saving, you must save it under this “book” folder. Further explanations about this issue are to come.5. Why does the Story not recognize any book in the book section when i only have my books on a SD card, should recognize them. (have my books on diffrent SD cards, categorized)This means that each time re-inter another SD card it shall remember where i was in the book and what Reflow/zoom i had, otherwise it wont be real to call it an expansion possibility.This is a similar situation as question #4.6. The Reflow display some pdf, very weird, exampled under:Fred is fat and lives in a shelter while eating fish with his toes, and usually he sleeps with fresh herring under his pillow.Unfortunate for the other residents in the shelter, he is resisting any fish related arguments.So it breaks the lines in some words, this is really not acceptable, please fix it.This is due to reflow information not being put into the actual book file correctly. But we are still working on it.7. Must agree with critics that it is cheap not to deliver a cover with the story.Planning to take care of this situation.8. There should be a possibility to set the story, to re-inter directly into the book you just read last time, so you dont have to g0 through the menu every time.If you turn on the device while in sleep mode, it will continue from where you left off. The problem is that currently, it is not possible to go back to where you left off if you turn off the device completely. It is not impossible to obtain this function. Instead, customers can use the “recent book” function for now.9. I can not bookmark pages in pdf’s.That is because the book file is not under the “book” folder.10. Recent book, should be resent books, if you are reading several at the time.We are looking into that function as well.

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