Creative Releases an Application Development Kit for the Zen X-Fi2

zen x fi adk Creative Releases an Application Development Kit for the Zen  X Fi2

While creative is taking small steps with the ZiiEGG development they have not forgotten about their other flag ship in the Zen series, the X-Fi2. The ADK can be downloaded now and comes with a Zen X-Fi2 simulator, programmers guide, and an API reference. The scripting language for the Zen X-Fi2 is based on Lua. Lua is a lightweight scription language that seems to be catching on. It has been used in places like Adobe’s Lightroom and World of Warcraft.

If you are interested in learning more about Lua, check out their site. If you would like to dive in and start programming for the X-Fi2, a developer group has started in the X-Fi2 Application Development Forums.


BattleBrat on February 7, 2010 2:53 AM

Hmmmm, I’m VERY interested. I’m VERY glad to see Creative showing the Zen X-FI 2 some love, I’m DYING to see what she can do!

Zinggo on February 7, 2010 6:10 PM

Still i dont know one thing…Does the creative zen x-fi2 have a multitouch screen? Please someone answer.

Leif Andersen on February 11, 2010 10:31 AM

Joy, just what we need, yet another platform creating an SDK. Really, some company needs to just take all of these SDKs, and create a language that will write for all of the. As a developer, I don’t have time to hunt down fifty million devices, and port my apps to them.

BoBo on February 16, 2010 6:07 PM

Who gives a rat’s-a$$ about this SDK?The fact of the matter isX-Fi2 is a miserable failure as a player. It’s perhaps the first time in about 2 decades Creative has released such a turd of a player.It’s nothing but a piece of sh!*tchunk!On the whole the entire X-Fi hoopla boo from Creative is a complete bunch of CROC!Zii seems to be heading the same way until they make some developments & put it to use.Fact is this -ZEN not the MX, was such a decent player.So what does Creative do in the past 8 years -They have done thisSlapped the same ZEN in a new casing with WiFi & the crappy X-Fi enhancement & labelled it as X-Fi1. That player was a turd but it had some neato uses thanks to X-Fi.Creative doesn’t stop there though-They notice the consumer keeps buying the ZEN instead of the X-Fi which is their flagship product.So they come out with the X-Fi2 with touchscreen (which is perhaps the worst touchscreen you’ll use…think ’98) & added Xvid support which doesn’t needed conversion.In doing so they cripple the good’ol ZEN & label it as ZEN MX & remove the Xvid support/hold button from it all together.Making it look like a lower end range product in front of the X-Fi2.Fact is this though -ZEN, ZEN MX, X-Fi1, X-Fi2 – All have the same processor + audio chip in it.It’s because of this the X-Fi2 will forever be a sh!!tchunk & have laggy touchscreen & jerky Xvid playback minus the conversion.Do yourself a favor y’all.I give you 2 options -1. Boycott Creative products. Stop buying their stuff for computers + speakers & everything all together.2. Avoid their X-Fi line like the plague, the rest of their line seems decent enough.I’ll go with option 2 since there isn’t any Sound Card maker for the PC costing under US $50.Barring Audigy Value. Which is a great card.It’s the same as the X-Fi xtreme music just another re-badge by good’ol creative.There is the option for Asus Xonar DS but knowing ASUS they have worst quality than Creative, at least creative sells you stuff which works unlike Asus.So all said stick to option 2.Now I need a favor from editor of AIB -You sir Please tell me -Which has better Sound Quality -Sandisk Fuze or Creative ZEN (not the MX).I’ve read many reviews…some say ZEN trumps it (CNET) others (yours & generation mp3′s) say Fuze is the best sounding mp3 player known to man.Just know this I don’t have $100 to burn on earbuds. Just basic stuff IEM’s say CX-300′s CX-95′s are for me.So recommend me either the Fuze or ZEN.ZEN seems to be more value for money with the added Xvid support + bigger screen. But sound quality is what I need.New FUZE 8 gig’s costs same as refurbished ZEN 8 gigs on amazon.So please guide me in the right direction.Thanks.

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