Another Silly/Amusing “High End” MP3 Player: Colorfly

highend version Another Silly/Amusing “High End” MP3 Player: ColorflyAt least this one is a real looker with its amusing retro design, compared to the junk “high end” from Hifiman, HiSound, s-flo, and the other ripoff manufacturers that put zero effort into their players, just for a quick buck.

This one also uses a real modern quality DAC (a similar Cirrus DAC as used in Echo Indigo sound cards, for example), not some decade old “audiophile” nonsense as found in other players that are targeted at this certain demographic. Still, totally useless on the go, of course.

Colorful/Colorfly seems to be a Chinese joint as well, with a German distributor, but I’m not sure. Seems they usually sell PC graphic cards.



shigzeo on August 26, 2010 10:34 AM

I DO like the looks very much, but don’t expect much from it as a player. I am an S:Flo owner and actually have a HiSound AMP3 Pro 2. I agree completely that they are quite worthless as pragmatic players, though I have to admit liking the exterior of the AMP3. Of course, press a button, any button, and the thing pauses and then freezes.

The S:Flo sounds pretty good (minus the low-pass filter), but it is the least navigable player I’ve used. It is even worse than the Sansa Fuze that forces you to needle its nipple to get anywhere.

Don’t mind companies trying something different, but it would be so nice if they worked on usability. I want:

-community and commercial codec support and forget WMA
-lossless playback
-easy navigation
-buttons or a very good (Apple-esque) touchscreen
-external volume buttons
-good battery life
-good performance even with low Ω balanced armatures
-hiss as low as the Cowon D2 at worst or better, about like the iPod touch 2G onward
-over 20 hours of battery life

Overall, there isn’t a player that does all of those, but the closest is the iPod series. I don’t care that I like iPod – I ain’t in this for the image of anti-Apple; I just want what works.

Put Rockbox on Sansa players and you get good.

JAMIE on September 21, 2010 5:09 PM

shigzeo please can you advise me, you sound like you know what your talking about, i am looking for a pro mp3 rack mountable player that dosen’t screw you up on stage it must be able to ready and be able to q next choice track before track that its playing is finished. any ideas my friend……… Jamie

Zorro on November 2, 2010 9:12 AM

The MSRP is 499 Euros, that’s over 600 dollars… they are out of their minds:

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