Cowon X7 Becoming Reality After Years of Speculation?

CowonX7musiclight1 Cowon X7 Becoming Reality After Years of Speculation?Some realistic news via GenerationMP3(Google translation). – With an 1.8″ HDD it might compete with the iPod Classic, and the other very, very few players still left that give 100+GB of data storage (most of which aren’t any good anyways). Not a bad move, for some people’s needs. Also rumored is that it will run on Android.

After all theses years of speculations, dating back to 2007 - herehere, andhere. And of course our very own Cowon X7 mockup from the “Photoshop A Fake” contest. (Pictured)

Make us proud, Cowon – your iAudio X5 HDD playerheritage is quite legendary, just like the iriver H100/300, or the Creative Zen Vision:M.



Apprentice57 on August 30, 2010 6:55 PM

I would just like to say, fantastic choice of music. Not only did you single out my favorite artist, but favorite song from that artist as well.

gamerhan on September 6, 2010 7:12 AM

i really like my creative vision:M alot. would this be a direct and capable replacement for it?

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