Archos Gen 8 Tablets Get Froyo 2.2.1

gen8 Archos Gen 8 Tablets Get Froyo 2.2.1

Today Archos released Android 2.2.1 better knows as Froyo for their 8th generation of internet tablets of PMPs, or MP3 players- which ever you would like to call them. The models include the 28, 32, 43, 70, and 101. I just loaded it onto my 32 and it looks and works great. You can find the change log here and download here. (via Archos Forums)


Austin Welles on December 2, 2010 11:04 PM

Finally! It’s about time they made this update. I’m most excited about the addition of a capacitive screen to both the 70 and 101. I’m highly considering a 70 now. The switch couldn’t have come sooner. A review of the 70 would be good sometime in the future.

Sasuke on December 3, 2010 11:15 AM

hey man.

is the Android 2.2.1 compatible with the Archos 5 IT..??

Thanks :)

NXTreme on December 3, 2010 5:24 PM

Great, we now have flash! Now, if only ABi would produce some reviews of these tablets… I’m waiting!

Tmc on December 4, 2010 10:51 AM

The 28,32 and 70 are seeing the light of day in etail, but the 43 and 101 are still taking a LOONG time to get first & second shipments. Looks like it will take a few months of shipments before the supply/demand works itself through to meet demand. BTW, there are a few bugs/issues that will need to be corrected that Archos are aware of. They’ve also downclocked the processor for stability & battery saving purposes. No doubt that there will be apps to overclock on-demand just like other o/s as necessary.

The 5th gen tablets aren’t compatible with the 2.2.1 build fisrt, for purely for product favoratism reasons first & foremost (as to not cannibalize a new product line) & second to take the time to get firmware updates “right” becaus it’s important not to “brick” a discontinued product.

Lucien Dominick G. Tiojanco on December 31, 2010 1:42 AM

These are available locally here however the way they are priced locally does not make sense. You’re better off buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab instead.

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