KRK, the Next Brand to Jump on the Headphone Bandwagon

kns 8400 angle KRK, the Next Brand to Jump on the Headphone BandwagonSince brands like Shure and Monster discovered that there’s quite the market for closed portable and/or studio headphones, it was only a matter of time that others follow suit. Enter KRK Systems, purveyors of fine no-nonsense, no-ripoff listening devices for at home and in the studio, and their newly announced KNS8400 and KNS6400 closed headphones. They go for about 150 and 100 bucks, respectively. We already reviewed the KRK RP5 and KRK RP6 G2 Rokit speakers.

While the aforementioned Shure of course are a serious professional audio company (with serious prices slapped on their products), and Monster basically built their empire on a big cable scam (later on following up with decent in-ear phones), KRK is a bit of an underdog, not that well known to the unwashed masses. Most aspiring artists however know that KRK is one of the main brands to consider for top notch active studio monitors, delivering excellent sound quality while not breaking the bank.

While I haven’t heard their new phones yet, I sure hope they stay true to KRK’s company philosophy, delivering good sound for a good value. KRK claims the phones are as accurate as their studio monitors, and they use some sort of memory foam ear pads that remembers the shape of your ears and noggin. They also sport a user-replaceable cable.

Thanks to forum member Aevum for the tip. Official KRK headphones website.

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cromag on December 1, 2010 9:22 AM

I REALLY like the idea of a user replaceable cable, but I’ve been a Koss user since the 70s and it will take a lot to pry me loose!

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