Win a tablet of your choice and a Kindle at

contest 520x115 Win a tablet of your choice and a Kindle at

A few weeks ago (also known as last year) we launched a new site over at and we celebrated the launch by giving away a smartphone to a lucky winner who was announced yesterday. Since the launch of ABiPhone we’ve been hard at work getting content on another new site, As you can guess from the name this site is all about tablets. 2010 was the year that tablets started to peak people’s interest, but 2011 will be the year that tablets really make it into everyone’s hands. Nothing But Tablets aims to be a guide in the jungle of tablets that are already out there and were announced at CES, with reviews, feature articles and more. We’re running a similar contest with this site launch, and this time you can win a tablet of your choice for posting comments on the blog and a Kindle for posting in the forums! Not a bad deal for contributing to the conversation.

Head over to for contest details, and get going with the commenting!

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