New Android MP3 Player is Not What You Think…

androidplayer New Android MP3 Player is Not What You Think...There are plenty of Android-based MP3 players out there these days, from the Cowon D3 to the Samsung Galaxy Player. Since Android is free, it’s also being used on a lot of “lesser quality” items from the good’ol China, be it ereaders without e-ink displays or tablets that are so slow you might as well use them for something else. Something went a bit wrong when whoever is in charge of counterfitting electronics over there asked for an Android MP3 player though, as the thing that popped up on DealExtreme today is not an MP3 player than runs Android, but rather an MP3 player shaped like the Android mascot.

It has no internal memory but rather a MicroSD (not MicroSDHC) card slot for storing music, and no screen. It does however have an FM radio and line-in capabilities, both of which will come in handy with the built-in speaker. It comes with a combined charging/line in cable and a stand so you can get it a bit away from the tablet as the speaker is located in its…eh…butt…and pointing down. It also has some LEDs and you control it by twisting and tapping its head.

As fun as it is to make fun of what comes out of sites like DealExtreme (remember the world’s ugliest MP3 player? I still have nightmares about it)  this thing actually looks semi-useful. Not for grown-ups mind you, but rather for kids. Assuming it doesn’t fall apart and choke the kid or poison it with whatever they use for materials, the look of the thing, built in speaker and control method. In fact it looks and function scary much like the Sansa Shaker from back in 2007 which was designed for that exact purpose. It should also make a neat, cheap gift to any Android lover- as long as they can look past the fact that the color makes it look more like a Dalek and the fact the logo says something like Golge rather than Google.


Jorge on March 31, 2011 7:22 PM


Martin Sägmüller on March 31, 2011 8:23 PM

The best thing is, it doesn’t seem to have a headphone jack.

Javier on April 1, 2011 4:28 AM

Damn it, why isn’t it green!? I’d totally buy it.

Andreas Ødegård on April 1, 2011 11:52 AM

It might be for legal reasons. If you look closely at the logo on the side as well you’ll see that it doesn’t say Google but rather something along the lines of Golge. This is a very common trick they employ to be able to use other companies’ designs without claiming to be official. Backwards Apple logos on products called something like yPad is very common. Sony logos that actually say Somy, and so on. If you search the site they do have some green Android logo stuff though

ha14 on April 1, 2011 6:00 PM

Better with a SPEAKER. FOR office use.

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