Cowon C2: the Real D2 Successor

cowon c2 Cowon C2: the Real D2 Successor

Everyone who anticipated the D3 to be a successor to the venerable D2/D2+ was slightly disappointed (same as the X7 has barely anything in common with the older X5). However, Cowon’s product naming scheme barely ever made sense, and the C2 is no exception. Lo and behold, this time around we actually get a successor to the D2.

The C2 comes in four colors, has basically the same screen as the D2 (320×240 2.6″ LCD),  basically the same audio and video codec support (plays most audio, still doesn’t support MP4/h264), the same amount of tactile buttons on top (power/hold is now a button, not a slider), and the D2′s full sized SD slot has been replaced by a MicroSD slot. The C2′s glossy metal back sure looks fetching in product photos, but I doubt it will stay that pristine under real world conditions.

It has no AMOLED screen, no high resolution, probably no capacitive touch screen, no Wifi, no Bluetooth, doesn’t run on Android, or anything else that would go with current trends or would distinguish it much from the years old D2/D2+’s hardware. A speaker on the back is the only new feature, and probably an upgraded version of BBE sound enhancements. Fans of the D2 form factor might still find it a worthy upgrade, but I don’t see overly much incentive in doing so.

The player’s user interface appears to be one of the most cheese-tacky-tastic ones Cowon released so far, besides the V5‘s UI. It provides ‘witty’ or ‘cute’ messages depending on the time of the day. I can see how slogans like “siesta now – after happy lunch” or “thinking about you – all the time” will never get old when one has to look at them constantly on the main screen… well, there’s always custom user interfaces that can fix those Korean cultural differences.

Release in Europe or America? I know as much as you.

Thanks to Mr. Popo for the tip. Korean C2 product page. Via CNET.


tds101 on April 9, 2011 2:53 PM

Not even a 32gb model,… WTF is Cowon thinking??? 

BSR on April 9, 2011 7:54 PM

Bah! There is absolutely zero reason to move from a D2 to a C2. Oh yeah — I want to throw away my SD-cards and buy an all-new size!

I do love my D2, but there are a few things I would improve if I could: larger screen (guess I’m getting older), true random play, more sensitive touch-screen, and more real buttons to use. The only one this C2 might conceivably fix is the random issue.

I still think the J3 and possibly the D3 are devices I could upgrade to, but the C2 is just a bad joke.

Disgruntled Cowonite on April 9, 2011 9:12 PM

Oh for goodness sake. What’s the bloody point of this player? Cowon have bombed with the awful D3 and cobbled a rehash of the D2 together in the last few months to boost sales.

You know it’s very typical of extremist Cowonites to diss on Apple, but the truth is that their product innovation puts these clowns at Cowon to shame in the last few years.

Buttsack on April 10, 2011 4:17 AM

I’m not sure I’d have even released this model, with the J3 already, you know, released.

I’d just concentrate on upgrading the J3.

LHawke on April 10, 2011 7:26 AM


OmicronPersei8 on April 10, 2011 8:18 AM

How underwhelming. It’s just a repackaged D2 without any apparent improvement. Not sure how it took them five years to come up with this. Oh well, hopefully they won’t screw up the J3 line.

t4b on April 10, 2011 11:54 AM

They should have named it the D2++ lol
or the F4 il

Coolvibes on April 12, 2011 12:43 AM

I am still happy with my S9 i bought in 2010
I dont see any point of upgrading to anything else at the moment.
I got S9 in a time J3 was avaible but i liked the curved design of S9 so i just themed it to look like J3.

D3 is buggy so not now
C3 is more for the korean marked i think

Now if cowon just could make a player Like Olympus M:Robe 100 in design
(black surface with red touch buttons, red monocrome screen, you know as the LG chocolate phone)

Hope cowon read this :)
anyway i am more a guy that like dark player so always black with red
but S9 i like is good even is dark grey and color screen.

Amoz Lim on April 12, 2011 8:45 AM

Finally, I’ve been waiting so long for this player. Hopefully the reviews are good when it finally reaches my shores(Singapore).

or I might just go with Sansa Clip+ ^-^

paulr on May 3, 2011 2:51 AM

The full size SDHC slot was the D2′s best feature. They are making 128GB SDXC now (successor to SDHC) so it would be great if the C2 had a full sized SDXC-capable slot.

milK on July 5, 2011 11:52 PM

Ah well, seems I have to “upgrade” to the C2 since my D2+ died a month or so ago. I wish though the C2 had more the size of the O2 wich seems pretty neat in a lot of ways besides the firmware (not looking for a downgrade after so many years). Or just buy a decent old D2+ and be done with it, hardly a difference between that and the C2… sad, sad, sad.

kamac on August 8, 2011 10:22 PM

amazingly enough my D2+ died too after 18 months

Tac on October 17, 2011 8:33 PM

why bother buying a C2 if your D2 DIED in only 18 months? these players may be nice but they aren’t meant to last long it seems.

Martin Sägmüller on October 17, 2011 9:04 PM

No Cowon player ever died on me, even my Cowon X5 from 2005 is still doing well. Just because some people might have bad luck doesn’t mean the general build quality is bad.

JohnnyLemon on February 2, 2012 4:25 AM

Anyone know if the c2 has playlist support? twas sorely lacking in the d2 (or have they finally patched that?).

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