Philips GoGear Connect, Now With Android 2.3

gogear new Philips GoGear Connect, Now With Android 2.3

It’s a bit confusing – gone is the pretty brushed aluminum GoGear Connect with its track ball and ancient Android 2.1, to be replaced by a more generic looking revision that runs on Android 2.3. Not that I ever saw the old GoGear in the wild, or even in any store. It almost seems like it was just a concept, never released at all.

The new Philips is said to have access to the official Android Market right out of the box, unlike Cowon and Archos Android PMPs. It should come in capacities of 8 and 16GB, and maybe even 32GB later on. I wouldn’t get my hopes up though, seeing how Philips never got the marketing and publicity for their players right. Display is said to be capacitive, at a 3.2″ size – no word about actual screen technology or resolution. Philips’ own FullSound audio enhancements are implemented on the GoGear, and standard 720p video playback should be no issue as well.

It should be released in September, price for the 8GB version should be a fair $180.

Thanks to JxK for the tip. Via Engadget. Photo partially pilfered from Übergizmo.


tds101 on April 21, 2011 8:37 PM

I’m just wondering if it’ll have a microSD card slot. If it does I’ll test the waters out w/it myself,…

ypoknons on April 27, 2011 10:34 AM

yea, I saw a GoGear Connect at Broadway in Hong Kong (big, chain distributor, Best Buy of Hong Kong basicially) sitting in the corner with the iRiver P7 and other forgotten DAPs. Might still be sitting there for all I know.

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