Zune Insider Website Redesigned

Zune Insider Zune Insider Website Redesigned

Updated: Zune Insider, the official podcast of Microsoft’s media service, has a brand new website. In addition to a visual overhaul, the new website includes basic social media integration. The right-hand column includes the most recent Facebook updates from Zune, as well as what’s being said about the service on Twitter. The new site also makes it much easier to share articles and podcast episodes on social networks.

The website was designed by Singly + Mackie, a company specializing in social media optimization. Their other clients include such companies as Activision, Hasbro, and Target. Interestingly, the company’s corporate blog closely resembles Zune Insider. The Zune Insider site is updated by podcast editor Rob Greenlee, who has confirmed that more original content is coming soon.

Zune Insider was started by Cesar Menendez and Rob Greenlee in August 2008. Matt Akers and Jessica Zahn took over the reins with the release of the 20th episode, and have hosted the show ever since. The 112th episode will be released later this evening.

ZuneInsider.com is also home to the Weekly Download, a podcast dedicated to showcasing the hottest podcasts in the Zune Marketplace. Jessica Zahn hosts this podcast as well, while Matt Akers co-hosts Windows Phone Radio (not hosted on ZuneInsider.com) with Brian Seitz.

Head on over to Zune Insider to check out the new site. Don’t forget to leave a comment there for a chance to win a one month Zune Pass!

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