Creative Announces Zen Style M300 and M100

m300 Creative Announces Zen Style M300 and M100The MP3 player market is diminishing every day, and players either have to go all out with tablet-like specs or be small enough to be accidentally swallowed to stand out these days. The new Zen Style M300 from Creative falls into the latter category, with a player that builds around a 1.45″ LCD screen. Small doesn’t mean useless though (as the Sansa Clip series clearly demonstrated), and Creative has really tried to be…eh…creative here with the features. Aside from a very respectable 20 hour battery life and capscities up to 16GB, it also has a microSDHC card slot, making it possible to add up to 32GB of extra memory.

The feature list also includes Bluetooth 2.1, meaning that you can use wireless headphones. If you don’t need Bluetooth, the M100 version will save you a bit of money- though it only goes to 8GB. With the 16GB M300 being priced at $90 and the 4GB M100 at $40, these players are decently priced in any case. If you can live with a limited MP3, WAV and WMA codec support, you can get a very capable yet small 4-48GB player here.The players will be available in June, in 4 different colors.



John Marshall on May 6, 2011 12:39 AM

Pretty interesting design, I must say, especially with the recent crop of Creative players lately being so damn homogenous. It sort of reminds me of the iriver Clix, and its new minimalist interface that’s colour-matched to the player looks slick. At last, a promising-looking player from Creative!

That “MicroSD” option on the menu still suggests to me they still haven’t quite figured out how to do expandable memory properly.

Joseph on May 6, 2011 3:24 AM

this reminds me of the iRiver S10 though the Battery Life is nice and i think the codec support most users can live with. who knows maybe if users post and wish maybe just maybe… FLAC and OGG will see the day on this thing

Eamon on May 6, 2011 3:47 AM

Finally, something “creative” from creative. They’ve really gone downhill since the Vision:M.
Good luck to them with this product. Hopefully they’ve worked out card integration, but I won’t be surprised if they haven’t.

Alphin AloorAttathra on May 6, 2011 5:08 AM

Wonder if it has time and comes with a watch strap.

tds101 on May 6, 2011 5:43 AM

If the micro sd card still isn’t fully integrated into the players library Creative has kept up the excellent work, AGAIN – another FAIL! I hope it’s finally a win, but I doubt it.

johnetx on May 11, 2011 4:05 AM

If it includes bookmarks, either manual or automatic, I’m gonna buy one. I love my little Sansa Clip, but alas my 50-year-old eyes have a hard time reading the little blue letters! I use it for audiobooks and podcasts mostly, that’s why the bookmark requirement. Go Creative!!

Ashley on May 13, 2011 1:11 AM

It’s only on Creative Singapore’s website. Will it be released in the U.S.?

Simon Simpple on July 13, 2011 7:02 PM

I have had my Zen Style M100 for one week. I purchased it solely for listening to audio books and tunes when I go on holiday. It is smaller than I expected, and a nice compact item, with a touch screen, but Creative could have supplied decent earphones with this product. You will not be happy with the ‘phones supplied. However. if you listen through a half a decent set, you should be very pleased. Having said that there are a number of things that Creative should try remedy.

First: the earphones – they really are rubbish.

Second: The instructions supplied, are insufficient, and are printed on a folded sheet of paper. Of course, you can download information from the manufacturers website, but they are still not sufficient.

Third: The sequencer is very limited. I use the “rock” setting, which is acceptable to me. There are no seperate bass or treble settings.

Fourth: Video and photo programs are poor.

Fifth: Inserting a MicroDs card, and extracting it, is extremely fiddly, to say the least. I have had to use a pin or ballpen to undertake what should be very simple tasks!

My M100 appears to have a problem with Sandisk MicroDShc cards. When placed in to the card slot it causes the player to “lock”, rebooting and removal of the card has to be undertaken to get my player working again. The card works as it should in my PC, and the MP3 player works fine with a Transend MicrSDHC card.

I have not had problems transfering information over to the player, only playing the recordings with the Scandisk card, as explained above. I should also mention that when you wish to access the card, you have to wait some time for the card to be read, especially if there are a lot of recordings on it. I have two 4Gb MicroDShc cards and have not used a higher capicity or faster card. So my comments are on 4gb cards which are speed type 4.

There also seems to be a problem with deleting recordings. Sometimes it works, other times the information remains on the player, but I will be checking this with Creative, who perhaps have a software update.

I have not used the video or photo programs, as having looked at the demos provided on the M100 (which I assume were high quality ones) the pictureis quality is a bit blurry. I will not be using these functions because of this.

Despite everything, I do like this compact player, It’s easy to use (once you get the hang of the various functions) and it will serve my purpose. Once the Scandisk problem is “sorted”, I will be even happier!

Rob Sneyers on October 4, 2011 8:07 AM

I’ve had the m100 for a couple of days now. I bought it for the micro SD slot.
The design is great, the menu’s are easy to use.
That’s the good news.
Now the bad:
- EQ is rubbish. Manual settings are missing, the other settings all sound alike.
- Only songs on the internal memory are in the media library. The micro SD card isn’t integrated. So, no songs from there during shuffle, navigating by folder only on the micro SD card.
- It takes forever to scan the micro SD-card.
- The card has to be scanned ervery time you turn on the players
- Sadly enough the most useful button is the RESET button. Is it buggy firmware ? I don’t know, but quite often the player simple freezes.

IMHO opinion Creative have a potential gem, but the firmware is cr*p. Not only is it buggy, but it also lacks a few basic functions, maily concerning the integration of the micro SDcard. Take a look at the SANSA Clip+, that’s the way to go.


Izmo on March 25, 2012 11:07 AM

Worst Zen ever, after days of struggle manage to barely manually do playlist in player, not automatically by any common mp3 SW.
EQ is crap, bass is so thin even with my good quality earplugs.
I had it enough, moving now to try Sansa Clip, thank you

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