Google Music now accepting invitations

About Music Beta by Google Google Chrome 5102011 124358 PM.bmp 560x280 Google Music now accepting invitations

In what has been expected for a while now, Google has launched Google Music and is now accepting invitations. The Android tablet/phone apps are being updated as well in the market. The cloud based service is expected to compete with Amazon’s cloud music offering, but rumors point to more storage for free. Record companies were supposed to partner with Google to offer either subscription based music, or a la carte options similar to what iTunes and Amazon already offer. Apparently the record companies have backed out (weasels), but the service will let users upload their own music for access on the go, or on other computers connected to the web. We will know more about it as Google I/O continues, but feel free to hit the link for a chance to partake in Google’s cloud based music service.

update: Unfortunately, U.S. only for now. Hopefully that changes soon. More information and official Google Music Beta video at NBT


Simon on May 10, 2011 4:56 PM

Of course, only available in the US.

Ollie on June 3, 2011 11:31 AM

Actually, you can use a US proxy (I used hotspot shield) to apply for an invite, and then you can use Google Music anywhere in the world. I live in the UK, applied for an invite via hotspot shield and then went through everything and it’s working just as it should.

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