Iriver T9: a Stick That Wants to Do it All

2011051614140594552 Iriver T9: a Stick That Wants to Do it All

It’s something like the Samsung U Series, something like the Sony B14/15/16 series, but it’s also trying to be a Sansa Shaker, or maybe a Nike+ accessory. Take your pick.

The iriver T9 sports an aluminum housing, it has a g-sensor so you can shake for the next song (cause using the buttons is way too inconvenient), and it has a ‘screen saver’ that says “I love you” and “enjoy your life” (yeah, cause a ‘screen saver’ prolongs the life of a monochrome OLED display). Now I have to go cut myself, BRB.

Oh, before I forget – it comes in appalling 2 and 4GB sizes (no expansion slot), it plays MP3/WMA/APE/FLAC (but no Vorbis), it has SRS WOW sound enhancements (for the little trunk rattler in you), an FM radio, and a voice recorder. There’s also a ‘fitness mode’ with step and calorie counter. It has an USB plug built in, so you don’t need any cables to carry around with you.

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tds101 on May 20, 2011 12:18 AM

But, dude,…it loves you,…

gurlz_rule on May 20, 2011 7:01 PM

And it comes in PiNk!

OK, in all seriousness: It comes with a g-shock sensor so you can shake-shake-shake your way through the songs as you walk.


Is there a way to STOP the shake-next feature? I presume that’s how the step-counter also works…. and if you decide to JOG, the shake-next function is REALLY going to screw up my madonna-katy perry-lady gaga remix. NOT a good thing! Messin’ with m’gurlz doesn’t fly.

MarvintheMartian on May 20, 2011 7:02 PM

Yup, total U-series rip-off.

Ryan on May 21, 2011 2:40 PM

I agree, looks like a Samsung U6. Man, they should’ve at leased decreased the form factor.

el Rusty on March 2, 2012 5:53 PM

I have just bought this mp3 player – I also own a Samsung U6 and a Transcend MP330 and have looked at (I’m pretty sure) every memorystick sized device on the market ever made with built in usb. So if that’s what you’re looking for, read on…

I bought historically, in order:
1) Transcend MP330
2) Samsung U6
3) Iriver T9
I am happy to announce that the T9 is absolutely Stunning (having actually tried it as opposed to reading about the spec.) and the best by miles for regular use, and yes you can edit the screen savers to say whatever you like, or just show the time.
Best and Worst points of all of the above?

Transcend MP330 – buttons stick after a while and make the whole unit completely useless – unusable – I bought the 8GB version and the interface is tricky and slow to react, then the control buttons jam and stick and ruin the unit.Nice bright screen though.
Samsung U6 – customisable, but you cannot get rid of the ridiculous POPCON speech bubble on bootup (I used the latest firmware of course) and the CSTN colour screen is horrible to look at – washed out colours and small viewing angle, plus it scratched easily to reveal the aluminium underneath – but played loads of formats so not bad overall.Oh and it scrolls the names slooowly – useless for me as I want to read long track names quickly.
3) So far the iriver T9 is Magnificently FAST and Super Stylish – it KILLS the other two for it’s styled interface and scrolling speed of titles. Whoever designed this really knew what they were doing.
I’d say for a slim mp3 player with a clear bright display and built in usb this is the best one ever made.Ever.
Ipods don’t come with built in usb so for me (as music maker) they are a huge pain as you have to always have a stupid cable with you – it annoys me so much i will never buy an ipod purely for that reason.
The T9′s volume is LOUD and the volume display is a delight – a beautiful beautiful bit of work, particularly on a bright white OLED screen.
Anyway the main issue with all the above is that they have limited storage (4gb max for T9) but for me that is irrelevant as it is purely for transferring my sounds (in Flac) and listening to them easily, along with various current albums and mixes.
If all the above had a built in microsdxc I’d be dancing with happiness, but maybe that’s for the future.
I have learnt that (owning many many many gizmos – trust me) for a really convenient music player, all you need is a clear display, and brilliant GUI, quality sound and an awesome design style and the T9 has the lot. I salute you iRiver, you seriously Rock.

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