Bowers & Wilkins C5s available in August

bowers wilkins c5 headphones 2 560x373 Bowers & Wilkins C5s available in August

Bowers & Wilkins will be releasing a new set of in ear models to complement their over the ear portable model, the P5s. The new model is the second set of headphones that the company has released, and they intend to capitalize on their success from the P5s. Bowers & Wilkins is known for producing high end home audio, reference, custom and studio monitor audio equipment.

The passive noise isolating C5s will feature a unique “secure loop design” which will actually forgo the more familiar over the ear cable for one that will loop around the inner ear loop. Surely it might take a little getting used to until they feel comfortable, but they intend for the new design to help keep the in ears securely in place. This “loop,” and a Tungsten tube will help keep the C5s weighted properly in the ears, according to B & W. Pricing has yet to be announced, but rumors point to a lower price point than the P5 model which retail (and street price) for $299.

Owning the P5s myself, I must say the new model should be a solid bet for portable entertainment. The P5s, while not a reference phone, have a very nice warm and balanced sound and are excellent for portable use. The build quality will surely be fantastic, as well as the quality of materials. But, until we get our hands on them, you never know. One nice thing with B & W which will hopefully continue is that they haven’t just thrown their logo on some cheap Chinese models. These are designed from the ground up by B & W, which is refreshing to see now-a-days.

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Martin Sägmüller on July 12, 2011 9:25 AM

That design looks like it doesn’t work at all. But we’ll see… Considering the P5 sound quite underwhelming for their going price, I at least hope these IEMs are not just another luxury product, more concerned about brand recognition than sound quality. Amusing that B&W seemingly turned into “Beats by Dr Dre” for the upper class demographic.

Kyle on July 12, 2011 1:55 PM

They seem interesting, would have to see reviews come out first before I even thought about pulling the trigger on them. I have to say the B&W P5′s closed headphones are actually quite good, they have a nice sound signature and aren’t too far off on the price. When you take into consideration the build quality, they are spot on for their price point. With user replaceable cables, magnetically attached speaker covers, very comfortable headband and ear cushions, stylish, and great sound to boot you can’t complain much.

The P5′s certainly aren’t the best closed headphone, but they are by no means in the same category as “Beats by Dr Dre”

Martin, have you heard the P5′s yet?

Allen Schmidt on July 12, 2011 2:36 PM

I agree. They are a far cry from the Beats. The Sennheiser HD-25s best them in sound quality, but thats really it. There arent many headphones made with the quality and materials the P5 uses, especially anywhere near the price range. I dont think B&W had critical listening in mind when they designed them. Rather the goal was a very good listening experience with a smooth sound signature, excellent quality, and portability.

I do agree with Martin on the unique “loop.” I guess time will tell with that aspect, and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a pair of these. I’m skeptical as well, but B&W could certainly pull it off.

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