MediaKeg MG-G608: Kenwood is Back

mg g602 MediaKeg MG G608: Kenwood is BackNo, not Kenwood UK with their fancy mixers and toasters. Kenwood Japan just released a new audio player in their home country. It is questionable if it will see an international release, but there are always specialty import stores to get one’s mitts on that classy exotic hardware. AudioCubes is one of them.

Kenwood players always had a reputation of having a really good amp section, and some people even claimed gapless playback capabilities. Some of their models also supported some absurd proprietary “Kenwood Lossless” audio codec, but no FLAC or other more common ones.

The MediaKeg MG-G608 – a random string of letters and numbers even Sony would be proud of – has a paltry 8GB of internal memory, but it sports a MicroSDHC slot as well, so storage capacity for most people’s needs should be sufficient. As far as I can make out the G608 has no video capabilities at all, it is a pure audio player. It supports MP3, WMA (incl. DRM), AAC, and WAV. Seems they ditched the Kenwood Lossless codec, but unfortunately they didn’t replace it with another, more standardized one. Bluetooth 2.0+EDR (A2DP/AVRCP) is included as well, so one can use Bluetooth headphones with remote functionality with the player. It has tons of tactile buttons – a refreshing sight in the age of counterintuitive touch screen players. At 46.5×98.5×13.5mm and 55g it is really tiny and lightweight. Battery life is a mediocre 19 hours without Bluetooth, and 8 hours with. The user interface is in Japanese and English.

Thanks to Coolvibes for the tip. Official product page in Japanese.


Woldstad on July 25, 2011 3:09 AM

“The MediaKeg MG-G608 – a random string of letters and numbers even Sony would be proud of –”

Lol :)

Mart on October 3, 2011 6:17 AM

Found out the MG-G508 is a blue tooth-less device, I’d never use the blue tooth anyways, so I’m going to try and pick one of these up soon.

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