Rockbox 3.9 is Released

rockbox400 Rockbox 3.9 is Released

Three months after 3.8 we get a fresh stable version. This time there’s no new supported hardware, but a lot of updates nevertheless – some are hidden under the hood (playback engine rework), some more plainly visible (support for anti-aliased fonts, support for embedded MP4/M4A album art).

Full release notes and download links can be found on the Rockbox Wiki.

Read on for the change log.

Some new things since version 3.8.1:


  • Major rework of playback engine (FS#12069)
  • Rework WM8758 configuration to reduce popping during statrtup and optimize THD and SNR (FS#12154)
  • Fix issues with iPod nano 2G displays caused by too low voltage supply. (FS#11911)
  • Significant SD card compatibility improvements on AMSv2, particularly for devices with the newer SD controller variant (FS#11870)
  • Add support for embedded album art in MP4/M4A files (FS#12009)
  • Line-in recording on the MPIO HD300
  • Support for nice looking anti-aliased fonts added (FS#8961)
  • A new translation, US English, has been added, as well as updates to many other languages. Rockbox 3.9 is released fully translated to 6 languages and with 22 additional languages at more than 95% completed.
  • Keymap: Holding any button during USB insert now forces charge mode
  • Allow a short rewind when playback is paused (FS#11931)
  • Logical-OR for tagnavi_custom.config, allowing more powerful song-database queries (FS#12095)
  • Remove track-number generation heuristic from database (FS#12107)


  • Implement more robust MPEG header parsing for better playability of mp1/2/3 files (FS#12007)
  • Performance optimizations for several audio codecs. (FS#11268, FS#12113, FS#12115, FS#12117)
  • Optimize tremor for faster decoding of ogg/vorbis on tagets with no special iram buffer. (FS#11268)
  • Major rework of m4a parser to reduce memory consumption and enhance playability on low memory targets (FS#8923)

Fixed bugs

Since the release of Rockbox 3.8.1, the following bugs have been fixed (amongst others).


  • FS#12164 – Possible decoding corruption of RealAudio files
  • FS#12161 – Correct the gapless processing for AAC
  • FS#12146 – Fix synthesis error in RealAudio decoder
  • FS#12076 – Database resurrects stale runtime data and autoresume info for new tracks
  • FS#12065 – Database RAM cache doesn’t work with Chinese-simp
  • FS#12043 – Next track was resumed when pausing and shutting down the player in the last seconds of a track.
  • FS#12041 – Support loading backdrops from anywhere in the filesystem
  • FS#12024 – Scroll acceleration does not work for iRiver H10
  • FS#12019 – High pitch noise when decoding AAC SBR files
  • FS#11973 – iPod nano1G needs reboot after entering record mode to have audio again
  • FS#11951 – View Current Playlist don’t speak.
  • FS#11813 – Frequency is not tuned the first time the radio is turned on
  • FS#8206 – Resuming playback from end of song after power on confuses playback


  • FS#11387 – PictureFlow runs jerkily while playing music on Nano2G


tds101 on July 4, 2011 12:52 PM

Now I have something to do after watching the fireworks here in NYC – I’m SOOO glad I found my clip+ last night – WooT!!!

Kim on July 4, 2011 1:21 PM

Damn USB for the Clip is still unstable…

TTOTS on July 7, 2011 3:50 AM

So does this work with the Clip+ or not…?

TTOTS on July 7, 2011 5:04 AM

not brilliantly apparently, I lost all of my playlists and had to start over… :(

Flakes on July 11, 2011 1:15 PM

Still no USB support for Clip+ :(

MarvintheMartian on July 11, 2011 5:49 PM

I just took the plunge and updated…..everything seems fine so far. I don’t think the USB thing is a very big deal….lol.

Roj on July 11, 2011 9:07 PM

Again no USB for Fuze V2. Grrrrr…

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