Samsung YP-Z3, YP-F3 released: Same old, same old

samsung f3 z3 Samsung YP Z3, YP F3 released: Same old, same old

We already mentioned the upcoming YP-R2 some time ago, now Samsung adds two more players to their current lineup, the YP-F3 and YP-Z3. They sure are a bit too… déjà vu to really call them “new”, but kudos to Samsung for keeping their hardware output steady.

The Z3 appears to be situated somewhere between the Z5, Q3, and maybe the R0. Besides sporting MP3HD support like the aforementioned R2 it doesn’t have any overly novel features. It is said to support h264 video playback, but on a tiny screen of unknown resolution – possibly 320×240 or maybe even 160×128 (which would have been top of the line for a 2005 player) – one sure wouldn’t want to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy in one go. The Z3 comes in capacities of 4 and 8GB – no SD expansion slot.

The F3 is a player that seemingly belongs to the U-series of Samsung devices, it doesn’t really resemble the long discontinued line of F players that much. On a cursory glance the F3 is basically the same player as the U5 and U6 – hopefully it comes with a classy CSTN display as well. Contrary to the U-series, the F3 doesn’t have an USB plug built in, but a MicroUSB port. It comes in cringe-worthy 2 and 4GB capacities, with no expansion slot as well.

Thanks to Lebellium for the tips. Check the YP-F3 forum thread and YP-Z3 forum thread for full specs and discussions.


Uber-Ne on August 11, 2011 1:03 AM

Well at least its simple, old design and thank God no touch screen navigation buttons. Good old clicking. Im glad they are still selling these styled players, I mean its not like they dont make top of the line players with Android anyways. Still, I wish they would have included the expansion slot. Every one of these kinda players should have those now, it honestly wont hurt.

Esther on August 15, 2011 7:00 PM

appreciate the simple and easy-to-use design
definitely do like the clicking navigation pad too

0000 on November 12, 2012 10:01 AM

f3 isnt that bad as you said. thats true the pattern is old and very simple. but in this range of price it is the best mp3 player i think. sound alive however is not a special event in a new mp3 player
in short its good

0000 on November 15, 2012 8:59 PM

after only 3 days of using i must say its as bad as you said!!!!!the battery life is horrible!!! sound alive is not a special event although …
in short : it is not good

i also have walkman b162f. sony is always better and reliable .everything about walkman players are good

Mahyar on November 16, 2012 6:39 PM

YP_F3 is horrible!!! i hate it. the headphone is horrible!!! the speed is very slow… battery life is terrible!!!!! it is just as you said SAME OLD AND SAME OLD…

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