Anythingbutipod announces the CrowdGadgets podcast

CrowdGadgets Logo Anythingbutipod announces the CrowdGadgets podcastAnythingbutipod is excited to finally announce the CrowdGadgets podcast, a weekly show committed to covering the latest news from the CrowdGather gadget network.

Each of the hosts–Brodie Duncan, Calob Horton, John Freml, Stuart Cope, and William Devereux–represent one of the sites in the CrowdGather gadget network, which is composed of Anythingbutiphone, Anythingbutipod, Good and EVO, Nothing But Tablets, Pocketables, and StreakSmart. Other guests might make occasional appearances as well.

New episodes will be released on Mondays, but CrowdGadgets already starts with a collection of seven episodes. CrowdGadgets usually has a running time of somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes, but the length varies based on the amount of news each week. A companion newsletter will also be launching soon.

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Confispect on September 27, 2011 4:30 PM

Gooble, gooble, gooble.

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