Brookstone Clear Dual-Drive IEMs seem to be the Radius TWF21′s affordable twins

brookstonecdde Brookstone Clear Dual Drive IEMs seem to be the Radius TWF21s affordable twinsThose who read my Radius HP-TWF21 (aka. ‘DDM2′ aka ‘W n°2′) review know that I really like the lush, cinematic, larger-than-life sound of those IEMs. It turns out that Radius Japan didn’t actually develop/design those phones, but seemingly rebranded a Chinese OEM product, as is their usual modus operandi.

Be that as it may, these DDM2 sound exceptionally great to my ears – but their $250 price tag hurts quite a bit (especially considering their questionable build quality, the cheap materials used, and the fact that they have to be imported from Japan).

Enter American jack-of-all-trades retail chain Brookstone. Their ‘Clear Dual-Drive Earbuds’ go for $60 (or for $30-40 on eBay, if you’re lucky), and they are the same OEM design as the DDM2. They’re just a bit less tacky with silver accents instead of gold, and without cumbersome fabric-covered cable. Unfortunately they’re only available with an iPod/iPhone inline remote, there’s no standard non-headset version.

The big question of course is if they can match the glorious sound of the DDM2. Apparently they are somewhat differently tuned, after all. Over on the Head-Fi forums IEM-aficionado ClieOS mentioned that the Brookstones sound closer to the older DDM1 than to the DDM2. This is not a bad thing at all – the DDM1 sound great, they just have a rather awkward form factor. Getting a similar sound in the much more comfortable DDM2 housing might make the Brookstones worth the purchase – not to mention the price difference.

Via Head-Fi. Brookstone website.


Confispect on September 16, 2011 5:11 PM


stevenswall on September 25, 2011 7:25 AM

Having heard the original Radius DDM, I can say that they sound better than the unheard of Koss KDE/250, another dual dynamic phone. These would be great to listen to, however, the microphone is a poor feature, as I and many other people with DAPs built for music don’t like headphones that cater to iPod users. (I have an S9.)

Stephen Howe on March 17, 2012 2:07 PM

Got these at Brookstone for $70 (including shipping). Googling “Clear Dual Drive” reveals substantially better prices at Amazon ($57.75 w/ free ship) and eBay ($49.99 & $3.45 ship).

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