Microsoft announces new Zune Music Pass, expands to Canada

Zune logo 560x516 Microsoft announces new Zune Music Pass, expands to CanadaMicrosoft announced on Thursday that it is introducing a new Zune Music Pass, adding support for unlimited streaming Music Videos, and expanding the Zune Music Marketplace and Music Pass to Canada.

The cost of Zune Pass is dropping 33% to $9.99 per month on October 3rd, putting it in range with other music subscription services. Of course, achieving this price meant that Microsoft had to make a few changes. The new Zune Music Pass will no longer include 10 free music credits every month, and subscribers will be limited to four devices (one PC and any combination of PCs, Zune devices, and Windows Phones). Streaming on Xbox 360 and will function as usual. Unlike Europe, US customers will have a choice to stay with their current $14.99 plan–which will no longer be available after October 3rd–or switch to the new offering.

Both versions of the Zune Pass now include free streaming access to tens of thousands of music videos as well. Zune has long offered music videos, but they were only available for purchase. This little-known feature is sure to become more widely used after this update, which will go live on October 3rd as well.

The last, and arguably the most long-awaited, piece of news is that the Zune Music Marketplace and Music Pass is rolling out in Canada on October 3rd. Canadian subscribers will have access to more than 14 million tracks at a price point of C$9.99 per month or C$99.90 per year. It, too, includes access to streaming music videos on the Zune software client and Xbox 360.

Of course, that’s not all. The last paragraph of the press release includes a teaser: more Zune news is coming. While we don’t know what it might be, we suspect it could be tied to the upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update.

[Zune Insider]


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Sorry, but who the hell uses the Zune?

Haze on October 1, 2011 6:53 PM

Great news, but about 5 years too late

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